Armeg SDS Plus Masonry Hammer Drill Bit 12mm x 210mm


Armeg SDS Plus Masonry Hammer Drill Bit 12mm x 210mm

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Armeg are the award winning power tool accessory manufacturer. They’re not only the UK’s sole manufacturer of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits, they are also specialists in solving application specific drilling problems. Formed in Dronfield in 1973, they have been at the forefront of drilling innovation ever since.

They are the one & only premier UK tool and drill manufacturer.

Armeg tools are of the highest quality and will give outstanding service. Please view my other items in this range.

1 x Armeg SDS Plus Masonry Hammer Drill Bit 12mm x 210mm

Hammer Grade Carbide Tip

Hammer grade tungsten carbide tip gives extended life in the hardest masonry materials

Copper Brazed to 1100oc

Furnace brazing process uses a copper braze heated to 1100oc giving the ultimate bond between body and tip, allowing the drill bit to withstand greater pressure and produce a greater number of holes

Precision Machining

Tip insertion is secured using purpose made machines operating to pre-set specifications & tolerances, ensuring a consistently accurate and perfectly centralised tip for rounder holes

SDS Plus can be used in:

  • Heavy duty concrete
  • General concrete
  • Hard bricks
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Constructional granite
  • Limestone

SDS Plus are ideal when drilling holes for:

  • Fixings & anchors
  • Through holes for cables & wires
  • Through holes for pipes
  • Pilot holes for coring
  • Property maintenance


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