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Perfect for tightening taps without isolating the water supply

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Armeg Jaw Dropper Tool Tap Wrenches
For tightening taps without isolating the water supply. Adjustable jaws allow you to work on the pipe union nut and tap back nut with the same wrench. Set contains one wrench for basins and one for baths.
  • 2 x Jaw Dropper wrenches – one for basin taps and one for bath taps
  • Screwdriver for adjusting guide / stop
  • Full instructions on use
  • Handy carry case (All as shown in the pictures)

New ARMEG 2 Piece Jaw Dropper Tap Wrench Set.

Key Features:

  • Two spanners designed to make a plumber’s life a whole lot easier
  • For fitting or removing unsighted taps
  • Both virtually self guiding, locates nut with ease
  • One spanner for 1/2″ BSP and one for 3/4″ BSP
  • Fits both tap back nuts and pipe union nuts
  • For bath and basin taps


  • This innovative product from Armeg is designed to make a plumber’s life a whole lot easier.
  • Fitting or removing unsightly taps can be a fiddly and frustrating job, which is where the Jaw Dropper Spanner becomes exceptionally useful.
  • With the sliding jaw locked in position it allows tightening or removal of the pipe union nut.
  • With the sliding jaw dropped it allows tightening of tap back nuts without having to turn off the water and drain the system.
  • The head is practically self guiding and locates with ease onto the nut, a swing out handle aids tightening or removal of basin or bath nuts.
  • The set, contained in a carry case, consists of two spanners, one for 1/2″ and the other for 3/4″ BSP threads and screwdriver for adjustment of the guide
  • Both tools come complete in a tough carry storage case.
  • This item comes with a full guarantee from Armeg Tools UK.

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