Armeg EBS Square Cutter With SDS Plus Drive Adaptor


EBS Square Socket Box Cutter used for drilling square socket metal back box holes. Ideally used in conjunction with Armeg Round Cutter – EBS.ROUND.SET – sold separately and the 80mm hard chisel – EBS.BSC.HM sold separately

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Armegs innovative back box square cutter for electrical back box fitting

  • 78mm diameter square cutter – perfect for single back boxes
  • Cast square cutter makes easy removal of remaining material after using round cutter
  • SDS integral adaptor and 6mm pilot pin for easy location
  • Requires 6mm SDS Plus Pilot drill and EBS.ROUND.SET to complete operation (sold separately), or can use the extra hard 80mm wide sds plus chisel (which is also sold separately – EBS.BSC.HM)
  • Use on hammer action only in a SDS plus drill
  • On harder materials use EBS.BSC.HM hard material chisel on hammer action only to remove corners


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