Armeg Diamond Tile Drill Bit Water Feed Unit For 5-35mm


Armeg Diamond Tile Drill Bit Water Feed Unit For 5-35mm

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Armeg are the award winning power tool accessory manufacturer. They’re not only the UK’s sole manufacturer of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits, they are also specialists in solving application specific drilling problems. Formed in Dronfield in 1973, they have been at the forefront of drilling innovation ever since.

They are the one & only premier UK tool and drill manufacturer.

Armeg tools are of the highest quality and will give outstanding service. Please view my other items in this range.

Armeg Diamond Grit Tile Water Feed Unit

– For use with diamond grit drill bits between 5 & 35mm Dia

Allows you to drill ceramics with a water feed to keep the ceramic cool and therefore avoid additional damage to the tile such as cracking as well as protect he drill bit.

All you do is fill the resevoir with water, stick the water feed to the tile (using the suction it creates), Stuck correctly using the guide, it also acts as a guide for the drill bit ensuring that the hole is made in the correct postion. Then turn the water on and it runs from the resevoir across the hole being drilled. Once finished, use the suction reliever to remove the guide ready for further use.

A great little tool (Full instructions on reverse of packet sleeve)

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