Armeg 16 Piece Twister Drilling Set


Perfect for tradesmen using impact drivers

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Armeg are the award winning power tool accessory manufacturer. They’re not only the UK’s sole manufacturer of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits, they are also specialists in solving application specific drilling problems. Formed in Dronfield in 1973, they have been at the forefront of drilling innovation ever since.

They are the one & only premier UK tool and drill manufacturer.

Armeg tools are of the highest quality and will give outstanding service.

16 Piece Twister Drilling Set

  • Includes Armeg’s premium brand quality drill bits all impact rated for impact drivers
  • The set is supplied in a stylish and durable set case for tool protection
  • The multi-material drilling set features Armeg’s much loved drill bits designed for drilling masonry, wood and metal for the ultimate versatility
  • All shanks are manufactured to 1173:200

Set includes

  • Twister HSS Cobalt Drill Bits
    Featuring 5% cobalt for increased wear resistance and extended durability
  • Twister Masonry Drill Bits
    1 piece design made from high quality steel for optimum performance in impact drivers
  • Nail-Proof Stubby Woodbeaver
    The solution to drilling in nail embedded wood, with a compact length ideal for
    inter-joist drilling
  • Acceler8%
    Designed specifically for drilling sheet steel, Acceler8% is built for speed
  • 230mm Long 1/4” Extension Rod
    Quick-Change extension rod, perfect for when extra reach is required
  • SDS Plus to 1/4” Adaptor
    Quick-Change adaptor converts 1/4” shank accessories to SDS Plus compatibility for machine versatility



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