ARMEG 11 Piece Dry Diamond Core Drill Bit Set CDD5PCSET


ARMEG 11 Piece Dry Diamond Core Drill Bit Set & Case

Includes Core Drill Bit Sizes 42, 52, 65, 117 and 127mm

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ARMEG 11 Piece Dry Diamond Core Drill Bit Set & Case

Armeg are the award winning power tool accessory manufacturer. They’re not only the UK’s sole manufacturer of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits, they are also specialists in solving application specific drilling problems. Formed in Dronfield in 1973, they have been at the forefront of drilling innovation ever since.

They are the one & only premier UK tool and drill manufacturer.

Armeg tools are of the highest quality and will give outstanding service.

Dry diamond cores from Armeg offer the quickest cleanest and most economical way to drill soft abrasive materials such as standard facing bricks and concrete block


The Armeg Kit Includes:

  • 42mm Diamond Core Drill
  • 52mm Diamond Core Drill
  • 65mm Diamond Core Drill
  • 117mm Diamond Core Drill
  • 127mm Diamond Core Drill
  • All cores are 150mm in Length
  • Armeg Pro SDS Plus Adapter
  • Hex Adapter (fits into 13mm/1/2″ CHUCKS
  • 200mm Extension, fits either adaptor
  • 400mm Masonry Pilot Drill
  • 210mm Guide Rod
  • Drift Pin / ejector drift for removal of guide rod
  • NB – All threaded connections are 1/2″ BSP and thus interchangeable will most major core drill suppliers
  • All cores come complete in a robust alloy carry case with pre-cut foam insert

Features on the item:

  • Professional high performance Dry Diamond Core Drill for drilling quick, clean holes through brick, block or masonry walls without breakout
  • Precision engineered steel body reduces friction and vibration during drilling
  • Reinforced lip (2.5mm wide x 2.0mm deep) on Core Drill body provides a greater segment to body adhesion area
  • Body slots extend back through the back-plate to eject the dust and waste backwards behind the Core Drill
  • A heavy duty steel back-plate provides Core rigidity
  • A high diamond concentration ensure peak drilling performance in a variety of building materials
  • For drilling Soft to Medium hard bricks and blocks.


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