50 x A2 Stainless Steel Screws


Pack of 50 Prodrive®, A2 stainless steel, deep thread, rifled shank screws in a range of sizes.

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This listing is for 50 screws in the chosen size

  • Prodrive┬«, A2 stainless, deep thread, rifled shank
  • Prodrive┬« Head Reduces cam-out. Compatible with Pozidrive
  • Self Countersinking Gives a flush finish, even in MDF & laminates
  • Stainless Steel For effective resistance to rust
  • Unique Rifled Shank Easier driving & reduced splitting. Allows screws to be used closer to the edge. Fully threaded under 80mm.
  • Razor Sharp Tip Allows fast accurate drilling
  • A pilot hole is advisable in harder materials

Brand new, Hand counted and supplied in a clear grip seal bag



3.0 x 16mm, 3.5 x 40mm, 4.0 x 30mm, 4.0 x 35mm, 4.0 x 40mm, 4.5 x_50mm, 4.5 x 60mm, 4.0 x 50mm


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